Finding an Offline Newsreader

Netscape 3 isn't the best kind of newsreader available. If you are interested in finding a better newsreader, here are some suggestions.

Two of the best "offline" PC newsreaders available are Forte's Agent and Free Agent newsreaders. Both of these are available on the web at

For assistance in using Agent or Free Agent, subscribe to the newsgroup
( news:alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent) alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent

Netscape Communicator can be used offline, but does not have the more powerful features normally found in a stand-alone newsreader. (If you do decide to use it, be sure you configure it not to post HTML or attach Vcards to newsgroups postings.)

A good offline newsreader for the Macintosh is MacSOUP, a shareware program (You can try it for free, but if you decide to keep it you should send US$20 payment to the author, Stefan Haller). Instructions are included in the download.) MacSOUP is available on the web at You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available on your System disk) in order to read the manual, and Internet Config to set the preferences.

The Mac Orchard has a great collection of newsreading software at

If you are interested in other newsreaders, please visit the newsgroup ( and ask which newsreaders are made for your system.

An excellent source of information about newsreaders and links to download a newsreader to try it out or see screen shots of it is the web pages at

Also, please visit the GNKSA (Good Net Keeping Seal of Approval) webpages at for information about desirable behavior in a newsreader and reviews of many newsreaders.

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